Teak And Wicker For All-Purpose Furniture

31 July 2015
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Choosing your outdoor furniture should not be a trial and tribulation. After all, life is meant to be relaxing.  If you choose the right materials for this furniture, you will not only have durable, good-looking pieces to spruce up your outdoor area; you will have items that will work well indoors, too. You probably multi-task all the time, so why shouldn't your furniture?


Picking teak chairs and tables means you have purchased durability as well as practicality. Teak has a long history as the choice of the discerning customer for fine furnishings. The wood is only taken from mature trees, so it can take 80 years from planting to harvesting, making teak expensive and much in demand. Teak is a hardwood that can bear great weight, requires little maintenance, and is insect-repellent. The wood is full of silica and natural oil which means that it doesn't require all the polishing that other woods do. This material also stands up to intense sunlight and driving rain. Teak is often used for elaborate carvings as well. Cleaning teak is simple. You need only to wipe it down for everyday cleaning. If you have a stain, baking soda and warm water can usually remove it. A chair or table made from this wood is beautiful enough for indoor use as well as being an outdoor staple. 


Wicker is another excellent choice for patio furniture. Wicker actually refers to a weaving method and not to the actual material used. Rattan is most often used for wicker, and it is an excellent choice both for looks and durability. Rattan becomes quite hard after it has been woven, so a good piece of rattan wicker furniture can last up to fifteen years. Because wicker has a natural look, it works well as outdoor furniture. However, many homeowners use wicker in sunrooms and other areas where they want a bright and breezy look. Wicker can hold up to extreme weather conditions, although when made from rattan or another natural material, it does need to be protected from moisture. However, a resin wicker piece can take any amount of dampness and look great.

If you choose your patio furniture wisely, it will look fabulous and last for years. If you invest in quality teak or wicker pieces, you will be able to use them both indoors and outdoors to create a natural-looking haven for all seasons. The price of plastic may be tempting, but the good stuff is more economical in the long run.

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