More Than Just Fun For The Kids -- How To Keep A Pool From Overwhelming Your Yard

26 August 2015
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Adding a swimming pool to your backyard design can take up an immense amount of that yard space, leaving little room for other outdoor use. Often overwhelmingly the center of attention in a yard, a pool can dominate the space in a way few other landscape elements can. What can you do to help integrate your pool into the yard as a whole without making it the only thing people see or can use?

Here are 5 ways to make a pool work as only one piece of the puzzle in your backyard. 

Keep it Flat

Add an in-ground pool that lays flush with the surface of your existing lawn. A large, green, manicured lawn all around minimizes the effect of the patch of blue that is the pool. Use large, square geometric stepping stones to create a few walkways in or around the lawn and leading to the pool. Pave the pool edges with the same minimalist stones to keep the visual footprint uniform.  

Focus on the Patio

When planning out your pool design, give some attention to creating a stunning and functional patio to complement the pool. An entertaining space with a permanent roof and outdoor kitchen, for example, can be paired with a swim-up bar that invites guests of all tastes and ages to enjoy the whole area. Or add built-in patio seating and a fire pit made from the same stone as the pool to help create an integrated whole-design feeling to the yard. 

Recessed Seating 

A fun way to make your pool more of a mixed-use entertainment area is to include a dry lounge area inside the pool itself. Placed away from the main swimming area and accessed by stepping stones, a dry lounge space at eye-level with the pool is perfect for ensuring everyone can enjoy the pool. Be sure to use materials similar to the rest of the pool to make it feel like a natural pool element. Within the lounge area, you can include bench seating, tables for entertainment and even a fire pit for late night conversation. 

Multi-Level Decking

If you have the space, you can create a variety of different entertainment spaces in your yard. A multi-level deck is a good way to define those different uses. The upper portion can be a lounge area with a fire pit that's easily accessible to the home. A different level (or just another defined section of deck) can be used as a separate outdoor kitchen. A third could be dedicated to a hot tub laid out under the stars. The bottom and final"outdoor room" would culminate in your refreshing swimming pool. 

Go Au Natural

Decorating your pool with natural elements including stone, fire and greenery helps integrate it into the overall look of the yard. Natural stone pavers around the pool instead of glass or tile creates a more inviting look, especially when paired with boulders and lots of plants or trees. Torches or a fire pit add another natural element -- fire -- perfectly complementing the water in the pool.  

If you want to use your backyard for more than just swimming, there are many ways to have a large pool but still minimize its effect on the yard. Whether you use creative entertaining spaces, minimization or natural decoration of the pool, you can ensure that your yard will be enjoyable for the whole family and all your guests. 

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