Swimming Pools: Cleaning Measures, Pros, And Cons

30 August 2015
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Owning a pool is a great asset in the summer time when it's hot and you want to spend time outside, but there are some things that people aren't aware of when they purchase an in ground pool for their back yard. It takes time and money to keep a pool in good condition. One may choose to contract a pool management company to clean their pool, but they may still need to test the water of the pool themselves. Find out what exactly you need to do in order to keep a pool clean and discover if an in ground pool is right for you.

Cleaning a Pool

Most people do not realize that they have to clean an in ground cool constantly in order to keep it clean. Unless you hire a contractor to clean your pool for you, you will need to vacuum the pool, chlorinate the pool, and test the water in the pool yourself. 

However, if the idea of cleaning a pool yourself is not daunting, then at least be sure to do your research on cleaning techniques so you do not accidentally ruin the pool you spent money on to install. Be sure you have the right tools and equipment, and make sure you are cleaning your pool at regular intervals to keep the pool in optimum condition. 

Is a Pool for You?

It takes a lot of time and money to keep good maintenance on an in ground pool, but some people feel like they are able to overlook those costs if they really desire an in ground pool in their back yard. Here are just a few pros and cons of owning a swimming pool:


  • Swimming would be an easily accessible way to exercise in the summer
  • There are companies that will take care of your pool that you can contract instead of doing the maintenance yourself
  • Pool parties in the summer are a great way to entertain guests


  • A swimming pool is only accessible in the summer months unless you decide to take measures to heat your pool
  • Swimming pools may not be as expensive as they were years ago, but they are still quite costly with maintenance
  • If you decide to clean it yourself, it will be time consuming

It is up to you to weigh the pros and cons of a pool to see if you think your home would benefit from having an in ground pool.