Add a New Finishing Touch to Your Aging Pool

4 September 2015
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Are you trying to modernize and liven up a tired old pool without breaking the bank? One way to bring it to life again is by replacing the surface finish. Modern choices offer varieties to fit any personality or landscape design. Here are the top 3 finishes you can add to any pool. 

Colored Plaster

White plaster is usually the least expensive way to finish your pool's surface. And while many pool owners like the clear blue hue that white plaster gives the water, it's a little mundane for the tastes of others. One good compromise between cost and aesthetics is colored plaster. Because colored plaster is more prone than other materials to streaking, staining and fading, manufacturers have been working to make it more durable aesthetically. Chemicals in the plaster known as pozzalans, for example, have been altered to be harder and less susceptible to chemical alteration.  


Specialized ceramic-coated sand mixed with colored plaster forms what's called an "aggregate" in pool technology. As a combination of inexpensive plaster and more durable ceramics, aggregates are hardier than simple plasters and not prone to the same color damage. And they are available in many different shades and colors, from soft neutrals to bright reds and blues. You can even mix in pebbles or glass beads. Both additions are growing in popularity and -- when combined with individualized choices in color tints and materials -- provide a unique touch to any pool. 


Tile has long been a viable option for pool owners and remains a good choice because it's durable and beautiful. Aside from regular cleaning and some re-grouting, tile is designed to be low maintenance. Glazed tiles suitable for under the water come in a myriad of colors, designs, and shapes, so you're almost guaranteed to find the perfect fit for you. Tile can also be coordinated with deck tile (non-glazed to prevent slipping) to create a harmonious look. When searching for pool tile, look for features such as treatment for slip resistance, UV protection from fading, variety of design in individual tiles, and softness to touch.

While you may not be able to afford to renovate the entire pool or decking, adding a new finish in any of these modern styles will add vibrancy to any pool -- no matter how old or what size or shape. Start today by consulting with a qualified pool contractor like Guaranteed Pool Service & Repair in your area to learn more about costs and availability locally.