3 Questions To Ask When Scheduling Bulk Water Delivery

12 February 2016
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If you make the decision to drain your backyard swimming pool for any reason, you'll eventually have to set aside some time to fill it back up. While many pool owners do so by letting the garden hose run into the pool for hours on end, this approach can be time consuming and isn't practical to consider if you pay your water bill based on usage. Instead, it's beneficial to think about hiring a bulk water delivery service to visit your home and fill up your cool quickly and easily. If you're calling various services in your city to ask about rates and schedule availability, be sure to also ask these three questions to help you make your choice.

How Do I Know The Water Is Properly Treated?

Asking the bulk water delivery company for proof of the cleanliness of the water isn't being rude -- and any reputable company will have no problem providing you with information that supports its claim of cleanliness. Upon asking this question, you should expect to receive a copy of any certification that shows where the company gets its water -- typically from a municipal supplier of drinking water -- and information that shows that the water meets state standards for cleanliness.

Do Your Trucks Carry Anything Besides Water?

Reputable bulk water deliver services have a dedicated fleet of trucks that are exclusively used for this job. However, if you're considering hiring a cut-rate contractor to fill your pool, there's a concern that the company's truck might haul other liquids at other times. This is obviously detrimental as it won't guarantee the cleanliness of the water you and your family will soon be swimming in. Asking this question allows you to ensure that only water has ever been in the truck that will be delivering to you.

What Steps Will You Take To Protect My Yard?

The last thing you want to experience is your water delivery harming the condition of your yard in some manner. Although the truck remains on the street or in your driveway, the contractors must pass a long hose from the truck to your pool. You want to hear an answer to this question that makes you feel confident in the company. Ideally, you should hear that the contractor will first survey the route between the truck and the pool with you to identify any potential hazards and then make sure to place the hose in a suitable position where it doesn't harm your gardens or any other yard elements.

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