Landscaping Ideas For Your Swimming Pool

2 September 2016
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Having an in-ground swimming pool gives you a cool place to spend your summers, but adding the right landscaping touches can make the space a true oasis in your backyard. Use these ideas to create a stunning look around your swimming pool. 

Paver Walkway

Walking directly from the lawn to the pool can track grass into the water. To reduce this problem and create a beautiful frame for your pool, consider installing pavers around the pool area. Pavers come in a number of materials and styles, from stamped concrete to bricks. You can choose modern tile-look designs, or for a more traditional approach, consider pavers designed to look like cobblestones.

Shade Trees

Adding shade trees around the pool can keep the area cooler in the summer and protect you from harsh sunlight. You can choose trees that will grow to provide full cover for the pool, or you can add smaller trees to just one side so the other can be used for sunbathing. Be sure to choose trees with shallow root systems so they don't interfere with the pool's structure or plumbing, and look for trees that match your outdoor decor theme. Your landscaper can work with you to choose the right trees for your property.


Sundecks bring a more upscale feel to your backyard and provide a place for entertaining at pool parties. You can add a sundeck to one side of your pool, or if you have enough space, you can build one that surrounds the pool. Use hedges or bushes to define the area on the outer edges of the sundeck to bring a more manicured look to your pool area, and be sure to add a few chaise lounge chairs and umbrellas to complete this addition to your pool. For flooring, you can extend your paver system or go with a more natural look by using wood planking.

Flower Gardens

You can surround your pool with flower beds filled with your favorite flowers. This brings a lush look to your space and is ideal for kidney-shaped or natural pool designs. Plant the flowers close to the edge of the pool so it looks almost like a lake surrounded by greenery, but be sure to leave enough space for you and your guests to get in and out of the swimming pool.

Work with your landscaper to redesign your backyard and complement the look of your swimming pool. With a few new additions to your backyard, you can transform the area into a resort-style getaway from the everyday world.