3 Pivotal Steps To Take When Maintaining Your Pool

3 March 2019
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If you own a pool, it's important to put emphasis on maintenance. Otherwise, you'll run into a lot of problems and severe repairs. A good pool maintenance schedule should involve the following steps. 

Skim Regularly 

After a while, dirt and debris can get into your pool. They make your pool look dirty and gross. To combat dirt and debris, get in the habit of skimming your pool regularly. You can approach this in several different ways. You can obviously use a pool skimmer with your hands. This device won't cost that much, but it will require more work.

If you don't have time to manually skim the pool, you can invest in an automatic pool skimmer. It will clean all surfaces of your pool on a cycle. You can customize this cleaning cycle depending on how big your pool is. This device can save you a lot of time and money.

Test pH of Water 

If you don't maintain the right pH levels for the water in your pool, it can actually cause you to get sick. You don't want this happening. What you'll need to do is buy a pH test kit. They're pretty inexpensive and easy to find today.

Once you have this kit, test the water by following the directions that came with the kit. If the test indicates your pool is not properly balanced in terms of pH, make the proper adjustments. Ideally, you should shoot for a pH range between 7-7.6

Inspect For Damage 

If your pool is a little bit older, then you need to get in the habit of inspecting it for damage. Pay attention to the sides. Make sure they're structurally sound. Also scan the interior of your pool from top to bottom. 

If you notice large cracks or chips, you'll need to monitor your pool's water lines. If they keep getting lower and lower, you may have a leak on your hands. This repair will require professional assistance. A pool specialist can administer a waterproof sealant in the damaged area, keeping water in your pool again. The sooner you do this, the less water costs you'll have to worry about. 

No matter what type of pool you have, it's your responsibility to take good care of it over the years. Even if you don't know much about pools, you can have success by knowing what warning signs to look for and keeping a consistent maintenance schedule.